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Friday, February 28, 2020

Roundup: Top Influencer Marketing Conferences & Events in 2020

Marketing conferences provide an opportunity to sharpen your skills and form industry relationships. As most brands likely know by now, influencer marketing has arrived and is not going anywhere. Whether you're an expert or a beginner, it's important to stay current on the latest trends

Here’s our roundup of top influencer marketing conferences along with tips for getting the most of the experience.

5 Conference Tips for Beginners and Pros

1. Prioritize Your Time

Take stock of the agenda beforehand and plan your time. You likely won’t be able to attend every single session you’re interested in. Focus on what's most important to you.

2. Talk with the Experts

Don’t be afraid to engage with speakers. Whether it’s during a Q&A session or after a panel, take advantage of the opportunity to have a short discussion with them. 

3. Market Yourself

Have an elevator pitch ready. This is a quick (20-30 second), persuasive speech that says your name, what you do, and why you’re here.

4. Connect with Influencers

If you're looking to network with influencers, do some preparation beforehand. Engage with them over social media to introduce yourself before. Twitter is a particularly great way to do this. 

5. Build Relationships (aka networking)

Networking doesn't have to be painful. Most people come to conferences with the intent to learn and network.  The majority of the attendees are very open to a conversation. The best advice is to go for quality over quantity and authenticity. Instead of starting a conversation off with the typical “What do you do?” try asking “What’s been your favorite talk so far?”

Content Creation & Influencer Marketing Conferences

Content Marketing World

“Join us for the one event where you can learn from the best in the content marketing community and spend four days with our #CMWorld community.”

When? Oct. 13-16, 2020

Where? Cleveland, OH

Price to Attend? ~ $650-$2,200 depending on registration type

Speakers for this year include Mindy Kaling and companies such as Buzzfeed. 

Influencer Marketing Show

“An Influencer Marketing Conference designed for brands – discover how to plan, execute and optimize profitable Influencer Marketing campaigns.”

When? May 20, 2020

Where? Manhattan, NYC 

Price to Attend? ~$500 depending on registration type (Brand, Software Service, Agency)

When? Oct. 27-28, 2020

Where?  Old Billingsgate, London

Price to Attend?  Available for sale beginning March 24, 2020


“Where Canada’s Leading Marketers Learn & Network through face-to-face meetings, roundtable discussions, industry insights, and creative showcases.”

When? May 12, 2020

Where? Artscape Launchpad in Toronto, Canada

Price to Attend? ~$626 depending on when you register 

List of speakers includes experts from Lululemon, AirBnB, General Mills, and many more.

The Social Shake Up

“The Social Shake-Up features breakthrough thinking and real connections with other marketers across Corporate America. With a speaking faculty featuring carefully curated speakers and more than 1,000 attendees featuring social media’s top movers and shakers, you’ll get ideas to move yourself and your brand forward.”

When? May 12-14, 2020

Where? Marriott Marquis in Atlanta, GA

Price to Attend? ~$1,400, depends on registration type and when you register

Speakers for 2020 include companies such as Lego, Twitter, Sephora, and many more.

Interest/Topic-Specific Influencer Marketing Conferences


“Immerse yourself in our beautiful, Instagram-ready installations, talent meet & greets, and beauty booths in our 720,000 square foot convention space. We know you’ll love it!”

When? August 1-2, 2020

Where? Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, CA

Price to Attend? $100-$1,200, depending on the registration type

This year's talent includes Anatasia Soare, Priyanka Chopra, Kelly Rowland, and many more.

Mom 2.0 

“Mom 2.0 is a gathering of influencers and leaders who create content online and on-air in parenting, entertainment, food, politics, business, marketing, technology, social change, travel, and design.”

When? May 6-8, 2020

Where? Los Angeles, CA

Price to Attend? ~$700, depending on registration type

The keynote speakers for this year’s summit are Shannon Watts and Valerie Kaur.

Note: There’s a Dad 2.0 summit as well, but it has already passed for 2020. Be on the lookout for the 2021 dates!  


“We have three different tracks at VidCon. See which is right for you! Community track, creator track, or industry track.”

When? June 17-20, 2020

Where? Anaheim, CA

Price to Attend? $40-$600, depending on registration type 

Featured creators include Aaron Kyro, Adam Waheed, Adelaine Morin, and many more.

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